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Adrian Troalic


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So, the collection starts here......
They are organised in alphabetical order for my sanity ( it's not easy building a website you know ;-) ) and because I am trying to give you, the viewer, a different  flow into the diversity of work/painting I do and have done, rather than holding an online gallery service of sections of various styles of work I've done.....if I did, I'd most likely have some company working for me that got somebody doing this all for me , whilst I sit on a Carribean beach smoking a big fat ceegar, supping Tequila Sunrises, watching the world go by because I'd be a ' bluddy mioyionaire already Rodney ! '  eheheh ;-D
No seriously though, it took me far too long trying to rack my brain of which order they should be in the last show I held, that I don't really want to try and do it again.....shearily because of the multi-layered content of them all. I still don't have a clue how I did it !  * But I must say a big thankYOU sir, Mr. Mark Blanchard  ;-D, you're a star for helping me....a LEGEND in your own right mate, thankyou....and to my parents for standing by my side through thick and thin through it, thankyou too !
Ok, here we go...... just click on the canvas/thumbnail and it'll zoom up to full size in another box for your perusal, against a nice white ( gallery ) background.....lurverly.
ENJOY ! ;)
* By the way, that's not my idea of bliss, I'm a surfer and a creative person...sitting around doing nothing all day long....get out of here, I'd rather have my own island with my own untouched surf break that gets swell all of the time, that peels for miles and miles with hardly any wind all day, every day, my own shanty-town house, with a separate music studio, art studio, natural swimming pool with bbq area and hammocks, and a veggie patch with animals, for total self-sufficiency. There'd be a boat that comes by every week to deliver any ammenities that are needed and also to pick up any new work that needs to be distributed......sounds too perfect ? Not really, but I ain't tellin no one yer HEAR !!!! ;-D
Go on, get on with it, stop dreaming, check em out ! Make me an offer I can't refuse.....I may even say yes.....maybe.....eheheh