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Adrian Troalic


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A set of useful links to sites from people I think are really quite cool peeps and have helped me out alot, whether it be through forum chatting or through life in person etc.., 
A few of them make excellent music, check them out while looking around if you might add to a more rounded experience ;)
Ganglu ( Jason, a mate from Arizona, and friends' band site ) - great music of allsorts of genres, a must see and great pc and pc music tips from the maestro ;) Bigup m8.
Jakeez ( Jay, originally from Detroit, now living in Philladelpia ) - another good friend, who makes cool music  and computer art taboot....eclectic mos definately. Bigup for all your support and patience m8.
Marc Mitchell, what can I say about this guy.....The Dance Music Maestro is all. His productions with a wide variety of artists are so clinical it's unique, not to mention that he almost solely produced the term Progressive House single handedly. Artists to mention : Stuart King ( a very good friend from way back that forms the other half of The Sunday Club.....a highy respected outfit amongst the dance population and world travelled DJ ) , Paul Mack ( another good friend from way back, DJ  and another producer of great Progressive House....and Techno ) , Mikey Ashford ( another m8 from way back, yet to hear his stuff but has apparently been producing a few tracks with Marc too. Churn 'em out son, if it's as half as good as your DJing it'll rock ! ). All the above at The Sanctuary ( the studio ), Jersey, are all very worth a listen even if you're not into dance music.....shearily for the depth of sounds and rhythms they create, a visualisation in it's self. Bigup you boys, keep it up ! ;) 
Synthvox - where many a problem would be sorted out with friends from all over the world. A very personal, close knit punch of like minded computer music musicians. Owned by Jason ( Puzzle ) and overthrown by the crew .....eheheh : Mikey ( GZero ), Frank ( Synima ), Jase ( Ganglu, above ), Matt ( Dopamine ), Eric ( Auxillary ) and the rest of the posse whom I've not mentioned....ooops, sorry ! All shall be found on the next Synthvox Compilation, coming out to look out for ! ;) Much respect goes out to all.