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Adrian Troalic

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I am an Artist,a Surfer, a striving Idealist and i'm interested in music, sounds normal ? Ok, that's the hard part now the easy part......hehe

I feel that my art should be a form of escapism as well as a confrontation of our world as i perceive it. In our modern society we are constantly bombarded with the NEWEST, the LATEST, the BEST, products available on the market that it's virtually impossible to know whether it's GOOD, BAD or AVERAGE. 

We try to make the best decisions available to our knowledge. But what we are really after is the PERFECT, the ULTIMATE, the choices that the professionals would make. As professional artistes we are striving for the ULTIMATE. We are trying to reach that point where we can turn around and say, ' Hey, i'm done ! I'm satisfied ! '

When i pick a subject my aim is just that, reaching a point of euphoria....a point of finalisation, a point of ' That's it ! '. A little bit of everything, the ULTIMATE .

If we, as artistes , break down the components properly as we have been taught to, then we should be able to reach a point of perfection !? ( fingers crossed....) Alot of the time , with each topic, the ' style ' changes, depending on what i want to portray. Like music today, i also try to include the person/s who have inspired or influenced me in the final product, because alot of the time our paths cross, as a simple way of celebrating them and their acheivements .
My main influences range from the likes of M.C.Escher, Robert Rauschenberg, Sigmar Polke, Gerhard Richter, Mark Francis, Bridget Riley and Therese Oulton.... to even the likes of William Turner, Claude Monet, and lastly the great Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso.....the list goes on.

So, i'd like you , with the information provided above , to enter the colourful and dark world of OUR ENVIRONMENT, seen through my eyes....
Thanks Ade